Here’s to a Red and White (wine) Blue Monday

They call today, Monday 20th January, ‘Blue Monday’. Supposedly it’s the gloomiest and most depressing day of the year. As such it must be a day for an uplifting thought – or three. In which case we’d like to pitch you the idea of a summer break with gourmet food, a bottle or two of wonderful white wine, and a glass or three of  remarkable red. If looking forward to that doesn’t improve your mood then nothing will.

So, Blue Monday. The felicitous festivities of Christmas and the New Year are dwindling in the memory. The nights don’t seem to be getting any shorter. Seemingly endless rain has been usurped by Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Half the world is ‘doing dry January’ and the other half is doing ‘Veganuary’. We have no comment. Suffice to say there are times of year which may be more fun for those of gastronomic inclination.

All things considered then perhaps today is the day to look forward to a summer evening in the Cotswolds – England’s largest area of outstanding natural beauty. Imagine a balmy day, sitting outside in beautiful gardens, gazing west towards the sunset. You hear the ‘pop’ of a cork being pulled and the chink of crystal glasses. As you look around you see your hostess coming towards you with a tray and an ice-bucket.

As she pours the chilled Champagne, the glasses immediately frost over with condensation. It tastes fabulous – crisp on the palate with a biscuity finish. You savour a second sip and ask what’s for dinner?

The starter, served along with a soft white Burgundy, is a tian of crab with a redcurrant and chilli jus. The main is noisette of local Cotswold lamb accompanied by a red Californian Sirah (or shiraz as we call it in Europe) with just enough cut to handle the crispy fat. All our vintages are selected and expertly paired. If you know your wines you’ll be delighted, if you’re not so familiar you’ll be amazed.

The Blue element of course has to be a choice of local Cotswold blue cheeses, one hard and one soft. You can happily stay with the red wine for these, avail yourself of a glass of port, or return to the white – and you can do so lunchtime after lunchtime and dinner after dinner throughout your stay, with never the same fine wine twice.

What’s not to like about that? It may all seem like a dream on a blue-with-cold January day, but it’s very much the reality on any given week between May and October. If you want to live that dream, simply give us a call on 07377 727768.

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